Vicki Day Designs : hand-dyed silk ribbon

The Inspiration for my love of textiles

My love of textiles began over 55 years ago when my Mother took me to the L.A. County Art Museum. I was completely captivated by an exquisite art quilt constructed entirely of hand-dyed velvets, silks and cottons. At that moment, I knew that textiles would be an important part of my creative life.

I have hand-dyed silk ribbon, silks and silk velvets for over 30 years. In the last 15 years, I have added rayon, wool, tulle and lace to my palette of hand-dyed textiles.

Vicki Day Designs : sample swatches of 41 parent French dye colorsVicki Day Designs : sample swatches of 49 parent French dye colors`

90 of the finest French dyes: DuPont and Sennelier, as shown on the 2"x4" silk swatches above, make up my palette.

9 to 13 individual dyes are used to create each color pattern on my variegated silk ribbon.

There are currently 19 exquisite color patterns available in 7mm and 4mm to add vibrancy to your silk ribbon embroidery, art quilts, needlepoint, jewelry and more.

More color patterns to come!




Vicki Day Designs : wall of beads

As a vendor at various quilt and bead shows across the United States in the early 2000s, I was able to significantly add to my collection of beads, crystals and freshwater pearls. These treasures, together with my hand-dyed silk ribbon, are used to embellish my one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces.

Hand dyed pink silk velvet beaded scarf


Vicki Day Designs : "D" is for Day hand-dyed silk velvet embellished and beaded purse

I used my hand-dyed silk velvet, silk charmeuse, silk ribbon, beads and freshwater pearls to create my "D is for Day" purse.

Vicki Day Designs : hand-dyed silk ribbon

Several years ago, my good friend and quilter extraordinaire, Allie Aller, introduced me to River Silks. River Silks produces the finest silk ribbon available. I use River Silks exclusively to create my variegated hand-dyed 7mm and 4mm silk ribbon.




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